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Sat, Mar 24, 2018, 12:03:05 AM
Public Use of Wharves, Jetties & Moorings

For information on each region, contact the local Regional Council.

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Wharves and Jetties

There are many wharves and jetties located within the Auckland region. The structures are available for public use unless this is expressly excluded in the resource consent, by the New Zealand Maritime Security Act 2004, or by Navigation Safety Bylaws.

A person may use a structure to gain access to public land, including the foreshore. In using a structure you must ensure that you do not:

  1. Obstruct the use by other persons.
  2. Leave a vessel tied to a structure other than for a short period to load or unload.
  3. Enter onto private property.


Moorings exist throughout the region for the storage of vessels when not in use. These moorings are normally located in areas known as Mooring Management Areas (MMA’s). These MMA’s are identified in the Regional Plan: Coastal, and are areas where the mooring of vessels is a permitted activity. Moorings outside of these areas require a resource consent.

The most recent moorings issued with a resource consent are available for public use when not in use by the owner. These moorings are located at:
1) Arakiwiappa Bay, Waiheke Island. .Lt . 36 47’.4 S Lg. 174 09’.5E

The moorings are suitable for vessels up to 14 metres long. If you use these moorings a crew member must remain onboard at all times, so as to move the vessel should the owner require the use of the mooring.