New Zealand Date/Time:
Sat, Mar 24, 2018, 5:46:03 AM

Choosing Your Sail

Sail choices should be determined by your intended overall usage - this can be divided into categories.

Coastal Cruiser – Dacron

The trade-off you make by choosing the durability of Dacron is performance. While a Dacron sail will stay in one piece for more than a decade, it starts losing its aerodynamic shape over time because Polyester yarn is relatively stretchy compared to high tech yarns like Kevlar and Carbon Fibre. Blown-out, poorly shaped sails increase heeling and reduce the distance you can sail in a given amount of time.

But don’t make the mistake of assuming that all Dacron sails are the same. That’s like thinking that all wood frame houses are built the same. The difference is in the construction details. The reason why our sails may be more expensive is that we put more into a sail.

Offshore Cruiser - Premium Dacron

As stated above not all Dacron sails are the same. They come in a wide range of qualities and the main difference between them is not at all easy to see: the quality of the Dacron sailcloth itself. With this ranging from poor to excellent, Dacron sails made from different materials really only have one thing in common: they all look very good when they are new. While the best of Dacron sails will stay that way for years and years, the lower end of the range may not last much more than a season. They will soon lose their designed shape resulting in excessive heel and poor pointing ability. Our premium Dacron sails are amongst the best. They are built using only high quality Dacron’s from leading sail cloth manufacturers. They are finished to high standards and offshore specifications. These are really good sails that will offer many years of enjoyable cruising.

Cruiser/Racer - Polyester Laminate Mylar

Polyester Cruise Laminates combine the strength of formed Dacron scrim construction with a Mylar film for stability, encapsulated in Dacron Taffeta for abrasion resistance. Spectra Cruising Laminates combine the same scrim construction in Spectra, with Taffetas of Dacron and Spectra for superior abrasion resistance. Designed specifically to offer the durability required for roller furling applications, the increased directional strength of the scrim and Mylar combine to produce stretch characteristics far superior to comparable woven sailcloth.

The advantages of this construction relate directly to the performance of the sail. A lighter fabric minimises sail handling problems and enhances the sail’s performance in lighter air. At the same time, the increased strength extends the working range of the sail, ensuring that the designed shape is retained over a longer period of time. The 2-side Taffeta construction resists abrasion and adds to durability over a wide range of conditions and applications.

Racer/Cruiser - Stratis™ Fibre Aligned technology

The ultimate in high performing cruising sails, delivering competition level performance, combined with durability, for years of easy handling and trouble free sailing. Advanced technology enables full load path fibre layouts to be mapped to each reef point on both mainsails and furling headsails. The increased stability of the fibre-aligned membrane shakes out to a smooth, distortion free sail, even after being reefed for long periods.

Sails fabricated in the conventional method by cutting and placing many separate panels, can only approximate the different load paths of a sail. Stratis™ fibre-aligned sails have fibres mapped directly along all load paths. Every fibre is load bearing, making a stronger, lighter and more durable sail.